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Founded by Mary Buffett, Buffett Online School is a global online school that teaches the investing methodology of Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha. The mission of Buffett Online School is to enrich lives through financial education and inspiration. We believe that financial success is possible through prudent and sensible investing.

Buffett Online School is designed specifically to help you acquire the skillset to achieve your financial goals.

Our teaching is rooted on the fundamentals of Buffett's investing methodology.

We provide the right education for anyone who is willing to learn how to start investing, the Buffett way.

What is Investing the Buffett Way?

Here's a short summary...

Right Business Model

Finding the right business with solid financial numbers with a strong and durable competitive advantage.

Right Management

Identifying capable management who runs the business in a way that benefits shareholders.

Right Price

Calculating the intrinsic value of the company and buying the company at a reasonable price.

Here's What We Do...

  • Buffett Secrets Platinum Coaching

    We provide a range of online modules to help you get started  on investing using the Buffett Way. You will learn step-by-step how to perform fundamental analysis on companies and how to value them. Most importantly, you will become a more confident investor who is able to make smart and independent decisions to profit from your investments.

  • Interactive Learning

    Our online educational resources come in various formats on our platform. Through different media, our online modules encourage interactive learning between our coach and student.




  • Monthly Case Studies

    Benefit from our monthly case studies on specific stocks and market analysis with our coaches . Gain access to our huge community of experienced investors all over the world. Leverage on their years of experience and peep into their investment case studies to accelerate your learning curve.

  • Learn On The Go

    All our materials are uploaded onto our online platform, you can access them anytime and anywhere so you can learn on the go. We also constantly update our materials to ensure that our teachings keep pace with the evolving investment landscape.

  • Exclusive Insights from Mary Buffett

    Learn directly from Mary Buffett during our monthly live webinars. Gain exclusive news and insights on her favourite companies and latest market news. Get your burning questions answered personally by Mary Buffett during the webinars.

Our Coaches

Our coaches at Buffett Online School are extremely successful investors and have years of promising track record.

Reshveen Rajendran

Reshveen is the director and president of Buffett Online School. He was personally mentored by Mary Buffett at the age of 18 and his investing results has been phenomenal ever since. Reshveen is also an international speaker and has shared stages with other wealth gurus such as Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy and Jim Rogers.

Mary Buffett

Mary Buffett is the founder of Buffett Online School. She is the former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett. She is an international speaker and also the author of best-selling book "Buffettology". Mary has also written 7 other best-selling books on Warren Buffett's investing methodology.

Buffett Secrets Masterclass

Buffett Online School is driven by the success of our students. Along with Mary Buffett and our coaches, we aim to transform our students into successful and confident investors. 


To support our students from various countries, you can enroll to Buffett Online School, either through:


1. Sign up directly through our online portal, or,


2. Attend our introductory workshops at our branch offices in specific countries.

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