Mary Alice Buffett

Founder of Buffett Online School

Mary is the founder of Buffett Online School. She is also a world renowned author, speaker and business consultant. She operates and oversees the UK Buffettology fund.


Mary is passionate about teaching people how to invest profitably and safely in the stock market. She strongly believes in enriching lives through financial education and inspiration. 

She is the former daughter in law of Warren Buffett.

Reshveen Rajendran
President of Buffett Online School

(Singapore and Malaysia)

Reshveen is a full time investor and international speaker. He started building his investment portfolio at the age of 18 and achieved financial freedom at 23.

He has spoken along side financial gurus such as Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy and Mary Buffett. He is also the best-selling author of his book "The Six-Pack Investor".

Sean Seah

Trainer & Speaker, Buffett Online School

Sean, also known as Asia's Buffettologist, has been a full-time investor for over 10 years, He is an entrepreneur, international speaker and a best-selling author of 7 investing books.


Sean has spoken alongside financial gurus such as Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Buffett and Gary Vee. 

Pete Tan

Vice-President, Buffett Online School

Pete is an international speaker and investment coach at Buffett Online School. Pete oversees the operations and directions at BOS.


His success in the stock market has allowed him to quit his previous job to become a full-time investor. Pete has also helped students all over the world to achieve financial freedom.

Glen Ho

President of Buffett Online School

(Hong Kong)

Glen started investing at a very young age which allowed his wealth to compound in multiples over the years.


Glen has over 10 years of investing experience and has helped many of his students achieve financial freedom. He is now imparting his valuable investing knowledge in Hong Kong.

Chloe Lin

President of Buffett Online School


Chloe is an international speaker and heads the Buffett Online School in Japan. Her immense knowledge and success in the stock market has helped her to become a full-time investor.


As a seasoned journalist, Chloe specialised in finding growth stories in business and identifying opportunities.

  • Why Us?

    With the help of Mary Buffett, a world renowned investor, we believe that we have everything needed to help our students become successful.

  • Goal For Students

    We aim to provide the best and most comprehensive resources for our students to ensure that every student becomes a more well-informed and confident investor.

  • Our Mission

    To enriching lives through financial education and inspiration

  • Why Online?

    We want to make learning as interactive and accessible as possible. By having our resources online, students can refer to their modules within seconds. Students can also learn at their own pace. 

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